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Welcome to 6th grade math.  This will be your online access guide through 6th grade math.  Use this website as a resource to keep track of what is going on in your child's math class. 

Recent Posts

Factors and Multiples Assessment

Due to Rivalry Week and shortened class periods, the Factors and Multiples Assessment will be Monday, September 25th.

Bell Work 9.11

Bell Work will now include all standards we have covered so far this year.  Bell Work Assessments will be given on Fridays.  These will be test questions similar to what the students work on for bell work during the week.  I have attached the Bell Work for this week, so students have the questions to look back over.  We will go over the answers in class each day and students will be allowed to use their "thinking folders" when they take the Bell Work Assessment.  

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi digit decimals Assessment

Assessment over lessons 9 and 10 is  scheduled for Friday, September 15th.

Dividing Fractions Assessment

Wednesday,  August 30th
An assessment covering Lessons 6 and 7 over dividing fractions.  Please use your math journal and math book to prepare.