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Ms. Long-Lee - Spectrum

This year in Spectrum, we will be exploring the topic of POWER in 8th grade, and INDIVIDUALITY VS CONFORMITY in 7th grade.  
The titles listed below are works that we will be studying for quarter 1*.  
8th Grade Spectrum 7th Grade Spectrum
Title Type Title Type
"I like to see it lap the miles" Poem "One Sister have I in our house" Poem
The Dutchman Painting Golconda Painting
"Bluebeard" Fairy Tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" Fairy Tale
*These titles are whole-class titles.  For students' choice-based assessments and other projects, similar works MAY be paired with one of the above (eg: comparison of "Bluebeard" with another fairy tale).
Students will complete Wordly Wise Lessons 1-5.
In addition, students will be completing exercises from Mechanics Instruction that Sticks for daily bell work mini lessons.
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