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Hi there!

 iNow Grades were last updated on Wednesday, September 20th at 4:14 P.M. 
I update this website with the date and time each time I update my grades online. Please refer to this information before emailing me. It is possible that your student has turned in work that is graded, but not online yet. However, I can assure you that I strive to keep grades as accurate as possible, and will update everything graded and in my possession at least once per week. 
Remember: VocabularyTests will be every Thursday.  
College Readiness Review List #1-3 was sent home on Friday, September 22nd. The quiz for this list is on Thursday, September 28st. 
  • New lists will be sent home on Fridays.
  • Starting with College Readiness Review #1-3, these will count as test grades.
  • is an excellent resource to help you study! Go to, search Siegel7, and looks for your current Word Stems list.
NEW Holt Link 2016-2017 (Online Textbook)
Use your computer username and password to access this. :) 
Parents and Students:  I encourage you to regularly check iNow for grades instead of waiting for progress reports or report cards, because I keep them as up-to-date as possible. Organization sets the tone of the school year, and making sure to keep up with all assignments, missing, absent, or otherwise, is the key to success.

Please note that there is only a one-day grace period for a missing assignment. If a student is absent, they are only allotted five days to get that work turned in. It is five days from the absent date, not five days from when the student remembers or chooses to gather their missing work. Additionally, in 7A, students must serve a morning detention with a 7A teacher beyond this 5 day period for that assignment to be accepted. This is also available to students who are missing work outside of being absent, within 5 days of the original due date.

If you are having trouble accessing iNow, you can contact me for your username and original password (cavs1234). When you first sign in, however, the website forces you to create a new unique password which the school keeps no record of. If you have changed the password and are locked out, please contact the guidance department and they will work with you to get the problem resolved.