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Mrs. Virginia Sheetz » General Music Course Description

General Music Course Description

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to empower every student with the opportunity to perform, create, respond, and connect with music. We will learn to read traditional music notation and play various instruments. Throughout the course, there are opportunities for students to listen and analyze music including their own recorded performances. We will label the music we perform with its historical context and find ways to connect it to our lives now. Students will compose their own music. This course is in alignment with the Tennessee Academic Standards for Music Education. It is my intention to prepare those who intend to pursue careers in music fields with valuable skills and resources that can enhance their learning both in and out of class. However, regardless of a student’s future career path, students will learn techniques, processes, and the endurance it takes to master any new skill.



Week of 4/20/20 OPTIONAL Activity

Activity: Covering a Song 

Materials: Internet 

One awesome band is called Walk Off the Earth. They write many of their own songs, but they are best known for their covers.  

  1. Check out their cover of Royals. 
  1. At the end of the video, check out the behind the scenes and see how they did it! One of my friends got to see them live in concert last year, and they performed this. She said it was amazing! 
  1. Try making your own cover of a favorite song. Video it and send it to me!