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Dear 6A Students,
This has definitely been an unusual year and one to remember.  I want you to know that I enjoyed getting to know you and also watching you as you acquired the skills necessary to manuever your way through middle school this year.  You successfully learned how to get through a day with all the expectations and work, through the halls from one class to another among the masses of students, made new friends and all the other little things that we took for granted. I have missed all the events, the 6th grade stories, and your smiles.  I appreciate all the work that you did this year.  Thank you for everything.  Enjoy your summer and keep in touch with your friends from school because we will return to school in the fall bigger and stronger with a different appreciation for the opportunity of learning together in person 
❤️  Mrs. Petty
The learning materials will remain online for an extended period of time if you want to access it. 
The log in information will remain the same.
Clever log in info:, password: student's lunch number
Example:, Password: lunch number
Please check the school's website for information regarding device return, yearbook pickup, report cards, and registration.  Updated information will be posted on the website.  Also, keep an eye on the school's Twitter for reminders!


Quotes for the summer:  
"I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket."  - Kellie Elmore
"When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high; no trouble too difficult to overcome." - WIlma Rudolph
Last joke of the school year:
Why don't dinosaurs eat clowns?
Answer:  Because they taste funny!!!
Enjoy your summer!!!!!!