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Welcome to Week 6 of Distance Learning, 7C!


You can pick up this week's packet on Monday, May 11th from 10-12.

All borrowed devices due back on Monday, May 19th from 10-2.

You can use either day to drop off any items, pay lunch charges, or drop off your self addressed stamped envelope for report cards.

More info on yearbook and report card pick up coming soon.


This week's learning:

Dates  Supporting Resources by day

May 11 - May 15

Day 1: Phenomenon
  • How does this phenomenon prove that atoms are made of smaller particles?

District Resource May 11-15

Day 2: Subatomic Particles (Student handout #1-2)

Student handout

Day 3: Bohr Model Building (Student handout #3)

Build 5 models


Day 4: Analysis 
Answer #4-5 on student handout


Day 5: FUN FRIDAY! Complete the quizizz!