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Mr. Hardin-8B ELAB

Welcome to my page! Stop in here to find out what we currently have going in ELAB. You can also come here to get info about Gamer's Incorporated, the home for gaming at SMS!
Things are taking off here in 8B ELAB! We are working on our second writing purpose: Inform and Explain. The worksheet for the Six Things You Should Know About...can be found below. 
 The current Article of the Week can be found here:  

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Older than should be possible-Mr. Hardin's MGP

My Multi-Genre Project is on the Gobekli Tepe site in modern-day Turkey. Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, it is believed to be the oldest temple site in the world-older even than what archaeologists believed to be the rise of human civilization! 
For more information on this fascinating place, check out the Smithsonian article here!