School Profile

Siegel Middle Crest

The Richard Siegel family played a major role in the development of our school in that this family donated the property on which the school rests.   The uppermost banner proudly displays our school name.

The quartered shield is the focal point of our Coat of Arms and is surrounded by a swirled mantling of acanthus leaves that are symbolic of learning.    The Cavalier’s helmet atop the shield faces left denoting wisdom, security and strength.   An eagle sits above the helmet suggesting strength of mind and protection from the outside and the swords crossed behind the shield symbolize the true Cavalier spirit of honor and humility.

The shield itself is divided into four sections.  In the upper left quadrant, the chivalrous Cavalier on the rearing horse depicts one’s journey through life. Moving clockwise, the upper right quadrant illustrates the attributes of excellence that we hold in high esteem at Siegel Middle.   A flame that represents strong character dominates the middle third of this section and the open book placed in front of the flame denotes our emphasis on setting high academic standards.   The crossed keys in this quarter of the shield represent features of Siegel Middle that afford its students the keys to a well rounded life: the arts, athletics, technology skills, and co-curricular activities.  The castle located in the 3rd quadrant represents a safe haven much as our school provides safety for its students as they begin their life’s adventure.   The three fleurs-de-lis in the bottom left quadrant represent the unity of our three community schools: elementary, middle, and secondary, with the most prominent fleur-de-lis representing Siegel Middle School.  This quarter as well as the upper right hand quarter is further divided by wavy lines, which represent the Stones River, a tributary that runs near the school. 

The flowing banner, including the school motto, Setting Higher Standards, serves to illustrate the mission of the students, faculty and staff of Siegel Middle School.   In every endeavor, our students, faculty and staff strive towards excellence and aspire to set the highest of standards.