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Welcome to SS313! The Force is strong with you.

acct ID: siegel38
username: same as computer login
password: lunch/computer code
May 10-14


School Reminders: If you owe library fees/books, lunch fees, lock/lock fees, or textbooks, make sure you take care of those as quickly as you can! Not taking care of these things can lead to your report card being held. Administrators will be at the school 10 am to 2 pm this Monday (11th) and next Monday (18th). If you checked out a device to use for distance learning, those are due back to school Monday the 18th. If you have not yet turned in a self-addressed, stamped envelope, you may also do that on those two Mondays. This will save you a trip to the school later!


Grade Reminders: As per the district policy released just over a week ago, students’ Quarter 4 grades will be the same as their Quarter 3 grades. If you want to raise your Quarter 4 grade, you must reach out to me this week. The optional distance learning work is not for a grade, so you must reach out to me as soon as possible if you are looking to receive an assignment to raise your grade. This Friday, May 15, is the last day for us to accept any work to raise grades.


Optional Distance Learning: IT’S REVIEW WEEK! Because it is review, you don’t have any new assigned reading! However, I am including the appropriate textbook lessons in case you need to read more to fully remember the details. We’re focusing on government and laws. You can find the day-to-day lesson plan and standards here:


Online Option: Complete activities (including games!) on There are 12 total activities that include questions, vocabulary, puzzles, videos, and games. We’re focusing on laws and government, so you’ll see material about Hammurabi’s Code (Chapter 2, Lesson 2) and the 12 Tables (Chapter 10, Lesson 2). These are review, so you do not have to read the textbook lessons—Those are just in case you need them! You may do these in any order and can re-do these as many times as you need. They are randomized, so you will likely see different questions each time you do the activity.

Account ID: siegel38
Username & Password: Same as school computer login


Paper Option: Here are activities for Hammurabi’s Code and the 12 Tables. If you need to review the material before completing the activities, I’m including the helpful textbook lessons in parentheses.

Hammurabi’s Code (Chapter 2, Lesson 2):

12 Tables (Chapter 10, Lesson 2):


Gimkit Option: Because this is Review Week, our Gimkits are pretty intense! Each Gimkit includes questions from ALL of the civilizations we have studied this year. Feel free to use your notes and practice as many times as you want before the live game. Remember, you don’t have to stay in the game the entire time! If you only stop in for a bit, that’s perfectly fine. The Gimkit game code will be on Mrs. Mayoza's web page each day at least 15 minutes before the game begins.



Topic & Practice Link

Live Game Time


Ancient Civilizations’ Geography



Ancient Civilizations’ Culture & Achievements



Ancient Law & Government



Which Civilization?






Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns! I’m happy to give feedback and check your work if you would like to send it to me through email. I miss you all!

Classroom wishlist:
  • kleenex
  • clorox wipes
  • paper towels
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