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Blended Learning

                                                                                    Blended Learning 
Whole Group PlayPosit: Why Blended Learning?
Station #1- Individual PlayPosit Activity:Station Rotation and Procedures
Objective: Evaluate necessary classroom management procedures for effective station rotations.
Directions: Watch the PlayPosit using the link below and answer the questions. Your answers will be sent to the teacher.
Station #2- Accountability In Your Station Rotation
Objective: Describe the importance of student accountability when using station rotations. 
Answer the questions in the form below.
Directions: Read the article using either the paper copy provided or the digital copy (link below). The digital copy has clickable links for extra information. After reading the article, answer the questions below in the Microsoft Form. The answers will be sent to your teacher.
Station #3- Teacher Led Nearpod Activity
Objective: Explain how station rotation and blended learning are correlated.
Directions: Use the link below to go to Nearpod. Wait for the teacher to give you a code and instructions.
Station #4- Venn Diagram: No Technology Station
Objective: Understand the similarities and differences between traditional instruction and blended learning.
Directions: Identify the activity as Traditional Learning, Blended Learning, or both. Place the activity card in the correct spot on the Venn diagram. After placing all cards complete the exit ticket.